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Cults in America

Room does not permit the inclusion of all the cults in America.  It is safe to say there are more cults in America than there are churches preaching the truth. We have been inundated with an avalanche of false religions who are very serious about domestic church planting.  More serious than we are, they know whatís at stake.

Our nation has grown by a third of itís total population in only the last generation and more than half of that growth was from immigrants or their decedents.  They have brought many religions into our country in massive numbers, but they have not brought more Christian religions. They have brought Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and many other eastern religions into our country.

We are working to bring you information about these cults and links to good sources of accurate information, but please be patient with us if we donít have information on all of these religions yet. If you have a question about a specific religion or sect you may e-mail us and we will reply with information for you.

All cults have some common beliefs, they all deny that Jesus was God and most deny the trinity (I John 4:1-3).  Most do not believe in a literal hell with fire or a literal heaven. Since they do not believe Christ is God they do not have a Saviour because if He is not God then He can no more save us than you or I.  Therefore they must come up with an alternative route to paradise or whatever place they believe in. That way is works because itís the only alternative. It is usually tied to the church, the leadership in the organization or the organization itself.  If you need more in-depth information about a cult please write us.

If you find an inaccuracy in any of these profiles please let me know. We believe all of the things written here are easily verifiable, but anyone can make a mistake. We cannot be responsible for typos, but we will try to correct any that you report to us

We hope you will find this portion of our site informative and useful. We who have the truth are in a race with these who do not to win America. Who will win the race depends on you and your support for ministries like ours.

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